The Role of Chance


Photos by Anthony Rudick


DUMBO! One of my favorite places to walk around, coffee in hand or chill by the waterfront. I was actually freezing my a$$ off during this shoot! Being near the water when it’s only 45degrees out is no bueno. But we got the shots! Haha. I mean you can’t really go wrong anywhere in DUMBO for a solid shot. And if you don’t know me by now, oversized pants are a serious go-to in my closet. I probably have 30 pairs of pants hanging in my closet now, most of them black of course. I was also super stoked to find this H&M mini puffer number during the Spring. It’s pretty warm, but let’s be honest, I was still an ice cube all day.

What’s your favorite Spring jacket to wear even when it’s freezing outside?

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